How I Pulled My Head Out Of My Ass, Joined the Jedi Council, and Dominated The Galaxy

by Scott on January 11, 2011

We all inevitably hit a major cross roads life, one of those gut-check, soul crushing moments that define who we are, and re-define who we thought we were.

One of those moments for me is between Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2003. That is when my ex-wife decided she no longer wanted to be married. After a few miserable years of turmoil, unhappiness, and failed attempts to fix what was broken it wasn’t a big surprise. In some ways it was a relief that I could stop fighting a losing battle, but it still really really sucked. To a fault I’m not a quitter, so I held out hope to the bitter end that things would turn around and I had fought like hell for its survival.  For a guy like me, it was hard not to look at myself at first like a failure.

I moved out of our place about 10 days before Christmas. Friends of mine offered me a room in their house until I got stuff straightened out, which I’m forever grateful for. Suddenly I was 30 years old, “living” in a room, no home, no wife, little cash saved up from my year-old fledgling business, with one solitary holiday wish – for the holidays to be over.

It was quite possibly one of the lowest and loneliest times of my life.

After a few days of figuring out which way was up, being physically ill, and feeling sorry for myself, a feeling came over me that I had a rare opportunity in front of me and the truth became clear:

What was once a shit-storm of epic proportions was actually a unique chance to reboot my life and do anything and everything I wanted to do….

No excuses. No apologies.

New Years day was not wasted making empty resolutions about things that I would like to accomplish. I immersed and devoted myself to writing out every damn thing I really wanted to do in my life.  With music blaring at ear bleeding levels, I spent four of the most productive hours of my life, essentially creating my personal manifesto and a new set of standards to live by.

There is something magical about drawing that proverbial line in the sand, defining what you will and will not stand for. It’s those new standards that push us closer to our potential and create lasting change. For me, I’m also a pen to paper guy. I think our writing this stuff out, as opposed to typing, gives it a special life.

A motivated and inspired individual always attracts others to jump on their train without needing to ask for volunteers.  I don’t remember exactly how it evolved, but two of my friends and I decided that we needed to formally set our goals together. We secluded ourselves in a gorgeous house on the frozen shores of Lake Winnipesauke and fully committed the next few  days  to defining all of the outcomes we wanted in life and the year ahead. (The actual process is Tony Robbins’ Power of Momentum. If you can’t find it online contact me directly.) This was the first official meeting of what we now refer to as The Jedi Council.

The Council’s Key Elements

–          Share outcomes and goals

–         Hold each other accountable for action items

–         Provide honest and constructive feedback

–         Have a shit-load of fun together

These few days of time invested in ourselves have yielded nothing short of extraordinary results to us individually, as a group and we feel to others around us. Our most impactful action resulted in volunteering together (note Council’s tenants above) and led to the creation of a Special Olympics Track and Field team.  While we certainly benefited more than the participants, our efforts have created the opportunity for now almost 80 athletes to participate in the NH Summer Games, after starting that first year with a group of 17. We grew from the camaraderie built through our annual Penguin Plunge fundraising event that had us jumping into the frigid Atlantic Ocean every Super Bowl Sunday to raise money for our squad.  Finally, we were proud to hand over the team to a new and capable group of coaches as our next challenges beckoned.

The Jedi council in its finest hour.

It was this goal setting process that got me to walk into a modeling agency, put my cards on the table, and start my modeling and acting career. Seven years later, long gone is that extremely shy kid who hadn’t done as much as a high-school play. It seems like no big deal now, but I remember being scared shitless facing the potential rejection and wondering if I had what it takes.  It’s hard to think what life would be like if I hadn’t taken that chance.

This has been a long ass post for me, but it is a part of my life I am very proud of and learned so much about myself. The bottom line is that we all have the ability to manifest our dreams, and we don’t have to wait for some life-altering event to make it happen.

What are your dreams and the outcomes you want in your life?

How would achieving those goals make you feel?

Who would you have to be to make this happen (someone strong, confident, energetic, etc.)? What actions can you take to make these outcomes inevitable?

Leave a comment below and tell me about it. You never know who else you may inspire!

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